How I rooted and installed Cyanogenmod on my Samsung Galaxy S2


This is going to be a very long how-to post, so I'll ditch my usual long intro.
To install the Cyanogenmod custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S2, you'll go through three easy steps. Unfortunately, most blogs have managed to make it extremely hard to do - it's either they didn't put up any step-wise screenshot supported post or they write it out like an help/documentation file. So, I have decided to make the ultimate how-to guide and you can be sure you won't brick your phone.

Choice android applications on my Samsung Galaxy S2


I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S2, costing me more than my two months free cash, and though there is now a Samung Galaxy S3 yet S2 is still a very highly rated android smartphone. In fact, it was named the best smartphone at the Mobile World Congress this year 

I won't bore you with the details of all the great timeless features of the phone that makes it a kill. But I will be stunning you with the crisp screenshots that shows you all my choice applications on the phone and my widget filled homescreens.

 HomeScreen 1

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