How to share internet access on your android phone with other phones and computers via wireless connection (wifi)

I have been hearing about a “Wireless Tether” app for months now and even tried installing it, but to my disappointment it requires me to have rooted my phone so I couldn't use it. Then last week I finally rooted my phone and was amazed by the quality of connectivity I got between my phone and my laptop. And another amazing thing about this wireless tethering than makes it far desirable than the USB tethering (that comes along with the android OS 2.2) is that it allows multiple computers to connect and even phones that have wifi. And you can also create an access list to allow internet access for only selected devices (computers, phones and maybe, printers).

So in this post, I am going to explain extensively to you how to use the wireless tether app to share internet access on your android phone with other phones and computers.

PREREQUISITE: A rooted android phone (if you are not sure yours is, then it most probably isn't, but for more info search google)

The first thing you'll do is to install the Wireless Tether app, go to the android market and search for “Wireless Tether” it has this unique logo of a green wifi signal. Download and install it.

Open the Wireless Tether app, tap the screen close to the middle (where there is the prompt – Press to start tethering) to start the wireless tethering. 

It will ask for Superuser permissions which you will need to grant and if you prefer, tick the remember this selection. Now don't bother if you do not notice your wifi turning on, as long as the wireless tether notification is showing on your notification bar, you are good to go.

On your computer (or phone) turn on the wireless adapter and search for wireless networks and you will notice an open network named AndroidTether. Connect to it, you should see “Acquiring network address” and then “Connected”.

 Now check the notification bar of your phone, and you should see a notice about a device trying to access your internet. But if this notification doesn't popup on yours, do not worry just follow on. On the the wireless tether app screen, press the menu button to reveal hidden options, tap on Setup, under Security make sure the Enable Access-Control is ticked. Now go back to the app's homescreen and press the menu button again, then tap on Access Control and Tick only the devices you want to grant access.

Go to your internet browser and start surfing the internet, it's as easy as that!

If you are unable to access the internet on your computer but can on your phone, it's most probably because your wireless adapter has been manually configured. Make sure the wireless adapter IPv4 address is set to automatic and not manual, you can check my former post on doing this. If you are still experiencing this problem, them go to the internet/netweork settings of your internet browser and make sure you are not connecting via any proxy.
If you need any further help or clarification, feel free to ask via comment.


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